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5 Attractions in Malaysia That You Can Explore With Your Family

As we are entering the endemic phase of the Covid-19 here in Malaysia, the state borders are open and most of us are eager to step out of our houses and go for a long awaited getaway. If you’re one of the people who are excited about this, trust me, you’re not the only one.

I for one have been longing to go for a holiday, may it be a long one or just a short getaway with my family. There are many attractions in Malaysia out there that you can visit over the weekend and you don’t need to spend so much for it. Some of those attractions aren’t cheap but there are ways that it can be wallet friendly. 

Having said that, I have listed 5 attractions in Malaysia that you and your family can explore over the weekend for a short and fun visit. 

1. Farm in the City

5 Attractions in Malaysia

Your children will love this place. Why? Because in Farm in the City, your children will have the opportunity to interact and play with some of the cutest animals such as rabbits, goats, giant tortoises, birds, Koi fishes and many more. It is also known as a petting zoo. There are many activities on site that you and your family can participate in. 

Check out the list below:

  • Free-flight bird aviary: a large and airy enclosure for birds. Visitors are encouraged to interact with the birds by feeding and petting them as well as getting a photo opportunity.
  • Reptiles cavern: experience the world of reptiles in the Reptiles Cavern and see up-close the Retic Python, the Dwarf Caiman and the Mangrove Snake among others.
  • Moods Lake: a large rippling lake of clear water which is home to FITC’s population of Mandarin Ducks, Whistling Ducks, Emperor Geese, Canada Geese, Cape Shelducks, Ruddy Shelducks, Common Shelducks, Caroline Ducks, Black Swans and White Swans. The lake also is home to our flock of Pelicans.
  • Pet Village: visitors are encouraged to interact and pet Rabbits and Guinea Pigs. Grab the chance to feed them and take photos with them.
  • Longkang Fishing: the traditional Malaysian past-time of dredging for fish in the “longkang” or drain is recreated here. To remind all visitors of a part of our cultural heritage that deserves preservation.
  • Jungle walk: visitors walk among unique animals such as the Common Marmoset, Iguana, African Crested Porcupine and the Kirk’s Dik Dik
  • Malaysian Vegetable Farm: recreation of a typical Malaysian village-type vegetable farm. 
  • Orchard with more than 60 tropical fruit trees and plants: an expansive exhibit of more than 60 tropical fruit trees and exotic plants.

With all that activities, you can be sure that you and your family will have an exciting day at Farm in the City.

2. KL Tower Mini Zoo

5 Attractions in Malaysia

This is something similar to Farm in the City but not as many activities. At KL Tower Mini Zoo, children will also have the opportunity to interact directly with the cute animals. It is a place to unwind right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur while enjoying some scenic view from the top of the Bukit Nanas hill. There are many other attractions that you can visit while you’re there with an exciting twist. 

In KL Tower Mini Zoo, you can:

  • See over 60 species of birds and amphibians up close
  • Meet rare animals such as meerkats and falabellas
  • Climb the top of KL Tower and admire the cityscape view
5 Attractions in Malaysia

The idea is that you can spend your time with your family without having to travel far. And after a tiring day at the Mini Zoo, you can head up the KL Tower for a scenic view of Kuala Lumpur city from over 1000 feet above sea level. By this time, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset and watch the night life lit up the sky from below. And if you’re feeling hungry, you can always dine at the Sri Angkasa revolving restaurant and enjoy a 360 degree view of the city. 

3. Escape Theme Park, Penang

5 Attractions in Malaysia

You have seen the videos and read about it all over social media. The Escape Theme Park has so many exciting activities that you can enjoy. One of those attractions currently has a world record. The number of activities that you and your family can enjoy at the Escape Theme Park are simply too many for me to list out, but I’ll list some of it just for you.

  • Family trail
  • Discovery dig
  • Family Twister
  • Flying Lemur
  • Gecko Tower
  • Jumping Jack
  • Jungle swinger
  • Kite flyer
  • Mega drop
  • Monkey school
  • Tubby racer
  • And the list goes on…
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But if you like to get wet and enjoy tons of splashes, you must check out the water park. Of course, there are activities that keep you dry but where’s the fun in that? You don’t go to a theme park to stay dry, right? 

5 Attractions in Malaysia

Best attraction of all is the world’s longest tube water slide, which is currently holding that particular world record. At 1,111 metre (that’s over 1km) in length, the fun seems to be endless. Along the way, you will go through the thick natural forest while zipping down the slide. It is probably the most memorable experience you will ever have while being close to nature. 

The Escape Theme Park is already on my bucket list this year. Should be on yours too.

4. Legoland Malaysia

5 Attractions in Malaysia

From Penang, we now move South to Johor. I just have to include this place in because it is a lot of fun. Just like the Escape Theme Park in Penang, Legoland Malaysia has all the similar attractions except for the longest water tube slide. And just like Escape Theme Park, it also has a dry park and a wet park. I suggest you go for both. I’m pretty sure that you won’t be able to cover ALL the attractions in one day so it is best to stay overnight so that you can enjoy your getaway to the fullest. 

Legoland has so many attractions for kids and adults alike. During the day, you and your family can spend the whole day at the water park and after that, you can head over to the Sea Life Aquarium to discover many adorable and probably some ferocious aquatic creatures. And when you’re hungry, you can dine in at the underwater restaurant for a unique dining experience. 

5 Attractions in Malaysia

The activities that you can enjoy are: 

  • The wet theme park
  • Dry theme park for some rides
  • Shopping
  • Water rides
  • Sea Life Aquarium
  • Habitat zone
  • Shows and entertainments
  • Treasure hunt at the hotel
  • Castle playground

This place is also on my current bucket list. I’m sure my two boys will enjoy it as much as I do. And for sure, the kid in me will be very happy. 

5. Sunway Lost World of Tambun

5 Attractions in Malaysia That You Can Explore With Your Family - Life is Ohsem

“Cocooned by lush tropical jungle, natural hot springs, 400 million-year-old limestone hills and 88 attractions from 10 amazing parks. Sunway Lost World Of Tambun makes a unique eco-adventure excursion for visitors of all ages”. That is what they said on the website. And they are not wrong. 

5 Attractions in Malaysia That You Can Explore With Your Family - Life is Ohsem

In Sunway Lost World of Tambun, there are about 88 different types of attractions, 10 parks in total and 123 different animal species to gaze upon. I’m sure many of you have heard of this place but have not been there. And I know many of you have already been there and experienced the attractions such as the rides and water park adventures. 

5 Attractions in Malaysia That You Can Explore With Your Family - Life is Ohsem

My wife would love one of the attractions here, particularly the hot spring and spa. It will be a perfect way to unwind after a long busy week in the city. So heading North to Ipoh, Perak, from the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur seems like a good idea for a getaway. 

The listed attractions are:

  • Lost World Water Park
  • Lost World Amusement Park
  • Lost World Tin Valley
  • Lost World Tiger Valley
  • Lost World Petting Zoo
  • Lost World Adventure Park
  • Luminous Forest
  • Hot Spring and Spa
  • And the list goes on…

At the moment, I would suggest that you head over to the Lost World of Tambun some time in May 2022 as some of the attractions are currently being upgraded. I’m giving you a heads up here so that you don’t get disappointed. But when all the attractions are in full operational mode, you will have a wonderful family getaway.

Closing notes

All the attractions in Malaysia that I’ve listed are currently accepting visitors and you must be fully vaccinated in order to gain access to the venue. Of course, it is best to maintain your SOPs when being close to one another in the public area. 

If you’re planning to book a place at any of the above locations, you better make your bookings early. One place that you can make the bookings is on Klook’s website and there are discounts available to gain access to the venue and parks. When you’re ready to make the booking and get some discounts, you can click the button below to start. 

Have fun!

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