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Cafe Del Tesso – Cozy Place For Good Coffee And Relaxing Work Session

I had the experience working in cafes around Subang Jaya and PJ area and during that time, I’ve been looking for a suitable place for a quiet place with good coffee and nice ambiance. There are a few cafes that I like but the location is a little too far from home for me. Some of those places are focused on the ambiance but the food that they offer are just… meh.

And then I got an invitation to review a cafe in PJ called Cafe Del Tesso and I know I’m in for a treat.

Driving to Cafe Del Tesso took me about 30 minutes from my home in Subang Jaya. The cafe is located in Damansara Kim, nearby Glo shopping mall at the shophouses inside the housing area (location and address after the post). And upon reaching the venue, there are ample of parking spaces available nearby the cafe. I was then greeted by a nice shopfront and I immediately know that it will be a nice place to chill.


Walking inside made me feel a little cozy and I was greeted by the barista behind the counter. I can see many types of small cakes and pastries available on display. The smell of coffee woke me up feeling excited because hey, I love coffee. The aroma of the freshly roasted coffee fills the cafe and we coffee lovers don’t mind it at all. The stronger, the better.


First thing I always lookout for when walking in to any cafes is to look for power plugs so that I can use it to plug in my laptop charger. And I’m happy to announce that Cafe Del Tesso provide power plugs at almost all their sitting area. If you’re sitting at the counter top table, they have it there. Or if you’re sitting at the couch, they have it there too. And their power plug comes with two USB connectors in case you wish to charge your phone too.


You can opt to sit around at the couch or you can do some work on the table sitting area. It is up to you. The cool ambiance will make you feel at home with jazzy tunes playing in the air.


Now for a selection of food and pastries, you will be happy to know that they serve really nice pastries and cakes here. Their signature pastry is the mini croissant which to me tasted crunchy on the outside, soft and tasty on the inside. One is definitely not enough for me. Another one that I sample is the chocolate mousse cake (I think). It is very rich and soft on the inside. I loved it so much that I wanted to have more.


But this is a place for some good Italian coffee. I didn’t go for the rich cappucino or espresso but instead I opted for the smooth coffee latte instead, but without sugar. It is so smooth that it tasted just right for me. Plus, I always prefer to have my coffee with milk.


Ok, here’s what I actually had.


The all-day breakfast set is available…well…all day. What you’ll get is a nice soft bun wrapped around two turkey hams, roasted cherry tomatoes, baked beans, some carrot + pea salad and scrambled eggs.

Now I hope the cook/owner can take some constructive criticism about the all-day breakfast meal. Turkey hams are good, scrambled eggs are good, cherry tomatoes not bad, but try using fresh garden salad topped with at least a thousand island dressing or Italian dressing for the green side. If you guys can make caesar salad, that would be nicer. As for the baked beans, nothing much you can do with it anyway but season it well with salt and pepper. Add in some worchestershire sauce for that little tangy taste.

That being said, the chocolate mousse and the mini croissant taste heavenly. If Captain America’s usual quote is “I can do this all day”, mine would be “I can eat this all day”.

My Personal Verdict

A good question to ask me when I give a verdict about some restaurant or cafes and reviewing their food is, “Will you go there again?” The answer that I’d give for Cafe Del Tesso is a big yes. Here’s why…


Cafe Del Tesso is a very cozy place to relax and do some work without too many people talking around you all the time. You can have some peace and quiet time here by yourself or with your friends. For a working nomad like me, I will make this cafe as my go-to place to get some work done.

Coffee is good. Although I haven’t tried the others, the coffee latte that I had was very smooth. The aroma of coffee in the cafe somehow calms me down. I can stay there in one place for a whole day.


Pastries are great. I think I can get fat just by eating some of their signature mini croissant and by some, I mean more than 10 pieces of it. Don’t forget the cakes too.

As for some heavier meals, the all-day breakfast is not bad. They also have some pies and sandwiches that you can go for. And they have some pastas like spaghetti carbonara or bolognaise and lasagna too.

The prices for most of their items are reasonable. You won’t be charge with overly priced coffee or pastries like in those more commercial type coffee outlets. In Cafe Del Tesso, you will be well taken care of by their friendly baristas to make you feel at home.

Cafe Del Tesso

Address: 27, Jalan SS 20/11, Damansara Kim, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Phone: 03-7491 7224
Operation hours: 7am to 10pm daily

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