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Eat From One City To Another – Singapore to Kuala Lumpur

It has been a while since I’ve been to Singapore. The last time I was there, it was kind of a short trip but it was also a memorable one. That one fine day, my late father suggested that we drive over to Singapore for a weekend trip. That was his last visit to the tiny republic. But the time we spent were the best ever.

What I like about Singapore is that the abundance of food places. Some are easy to find and out in the open while some are hidden where you have to spend a little time looking for them. Nevertheless, it was all worth it.

Now imagine that same situation but reverse. You took a quick getaway flight from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. You’re from the airport and you’re now lost in the city of Kuala Lumpur. Where can you find street food havens in KL if you’re not familiar with the location? Well, I will reveal some of the street food hotspots where foodies love to hangout.

Jalan Alor


I can safely say that you’ve never been to KL if you didn’t set foot in Jalan Alor. This is where you can find almost all sorts of food from Chinese style seafood to Thai food. Although most of the food are seafood based, every single one is unique to its own.

For example, you can find the best grilled chicken wings at Wong Ah Wah restaurant. I don’t know how else to describe but all I know that it is so juicy and delicious. Having just one plate is considered silly.


Most of the seafood restaurants here serves delicious meal fit for a king. You can have chili crabs, butter prawns, steam fish, fried lala or fried oyster, tomyam and many others. For desserts, don’t miss the ice kacang, cendol, durian cake and ice cream, various type of fruits and sweet treats.

Medan Selera 223

If you love nasi lemak, you will love it here. Famous for their nasi lemaks, two of the most distinguished nasi lemak outlets battles on who would serve the most packs each night. They are usually known as nasi lemak biru and nasi lemak merah, which translated to blue team and red team respectively by the patrons. I personally prefer the red team as the taste reminded me of my younger days in school.

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Another dish you should try is the authentic home style assam laksa. Everything here is 100% home made and the taste is something that you can find only at home. They even made their own laksa noodle. This to me is the best home styled assam laksa ever.

There are many other dishes you can try here from cheezy fried banana, roti canai, mutton soup, takoyaki (surprisingly good), awesome BBQ chicken wings, burgers and ice kacang too for dessert. Most of the popular ones only opens at night.

Food Truck Spots

Eat From One City To Another - Singapore to Kuala Lumpur - Life is Ohsem

There are some food truck haven in and around KL. The most recent and newly opened food truck spot is along Jalan Imbi. You can find it next to Imbi Plaza, behind Sungei Wang Plaza. Obviously they only open at night. Another food truck spot is near KLCC along Jalan Ampang called “Tapak”. There are many others such as in Wangsa Maju and Subang Jaya (two known spots).

The type of food available are mostly quick and cheap. But don’t let it fool you because most of the Malaysian food truckers will cook it with love. They are passionate when it comes to food. So rest assured that you meal will be made to the highest quality in taste and portion without hurting your wallet.

Eat From One City To Another - Singapore to Kuala Lumpur - Life is Ohsem

My favourite spot is the one in Tapak. Awesome simple pasta meal and thick chocolate milkshake to go along. Always hit the spot.

End Note

I do know some of the hotspots for foodies in KL and PJ but I may have missed some too. What I just mentioned are the ones that I feel among the top of my short list. But those are the type of places you should try because it covers almost all the different types of food you can find in the whole of Malaysia. Taste may not be the same but at least it can give you an idea what to have the next time you’re in KL.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re feeling hungry right now and want something different, get your air ticket and head down here to KL for your weekend food getaway.

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