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First FashionTV Modelling Academy in Southeast Asia Opens

First FashionTV Modelling Academy in Southeast Asia Opens

In collaboration with FashionTV, an international and highly sought-after platform for trending fashion and lifestyle broadcasting, Sheng Tai International will be launching Southeast Asia’s first FashionTV Modelling Academy, which will be located in the 5-star Ames Hotel, Melaka.

The modelling academy will be bringing an innovative and avant-garde approach to the study of fashion modelling. Everyone from all walks of life will be welcomed to explore their passion for fashion and receive the best training from both local and international trainers—a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for some and a step into a new life for many.

The curriculum at the modelling academy will also promote a collaborative and creative approach while providing students with an unparalleled training facility. The academy will provide professional modelling classes for everyone, including children and aspiring Muslim models. Adults who are interested in joining the modelling academy will have to be at least 170 centimetres tall.

A licensing agreement was signed between Dato’ Leong Sir Ley, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sheng Tai International and Alona Fischbein, Director of FashionTV to cement the collaborative effort.

Dato’ Leong Sir Ley of Sheng Tai International, said, “We are deepening our relationship with the first FashionTV modelling academy in Southeast Asia in Malaysia. The reason we chose to partner FashionTV to spearhead a modelling academy was because of its international standing and recognition.”

Sheng Tai International is partnering international brands like FashionTV in order to elevate the features and facilities its world-class properties. “These international brands will definitely infuse more confidence and inspire entrepreneurs and investors to be part of our growing network,” Dato’ Leong explained. 

Dato’ Leong also added, “With the pandemic, most people have switched to working remotely, thus the need to reside in a city is not a priority anymore. Fashion TV’s move to partner with us shows how big brands are now looking towards the outskirts of cities, providing our establishments in Melaka a larger pool of opportunity and potential, especially with The Sail.”

First FashionTV Modelling Academy in Southeast Asia Opens

“Graduates of the FashionTV Modelling Academy at Amels Hotel by Sheng Tai International will receive a certificate that will open up opportunities for them on an international stage. This means that aspiring fashion models in Malaysia will have a gateway to reach the pinnacle of the profession globally,” she added. 

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Dato’ Leong also said, “Every year, the academy will be hosting a modelling event for the graduates of the FashionTV modelling academy at Ames Hotel, where the winner of the event will be invited to participate in events held overseas by FashionTV. While there will be no event during this time due to the pandemic, once things are back to normal, the winner will be invited to make appearances overseas.”

“Furthermore, this venture is a testament to our resolution and commitment towards building a brighter future for Melaka and Malaysia as a whole, attracting more investors to the country and play our part in steering through economic recovery caused by COVID-19,” she said.

Alona Fischbein, Director of FashionTV, said, “We are the platform for fashion and lifestyle in the World and we always seek ways to bring new experiences to those who love fashion as fashion is our passion. The FashionTV Academy is an initiative that allows students to explore and experience their fascination with the fashion industry. We hope this academy will take our students to a new level and show them their potential for the future.”

Located in Ayer Keroh, Ames Hotel will be the perfect venue for this breakthrough academy. A favourite with the tourists to Melaka, Ames Hotel is an urban retreat that also provides comfort in a classy environment. The hotel boasts of spacious and state-of-the-art design rooms and exclusive amenities designed to cater to any business or leisure event.

The academy will be located at Ames Hotel / Metrasquare and will be ready to accept students by Q2 2021. The academy will soon be one of Melaka’s main attractions.

For more information about FashionTV Academy in Malaysia, please call +6011 3737 3399.

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