Get Fit With The Fun Coway Run 2020

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Everyone knows that running is a great way to get into shape, but it also can benefit almost every part of your body – strengthening bones and muscles, improving cardiovascular health and burning calories. Experts have pointed that running helps improve one’s mental and physical health. Running is a blissful, rhythmic and meditative activity that just a 30-minute run is said to lift the mood. Whether it’s your favourite part of the day or something you have to push yourself through, the benefits are undeniable!

Running can indeed be fun, social and interactive. This is precisely what Coway Malaysia has in mind for their upcoming Coway Run 2020: Change The Game this November, poised to be one of the most exciting virtual run this year! The month-long run allows participants from across the country to run anywhere (even in their bedroom) and anytime from 1 to 29 Nov.

Coway Run 2020 - Race Kit

Any Malaysian citizen or resident in the country (aged 16 and above) can participate in the non-timed 40km run, which allows runners to run at a comfortable speed and pace to gradually progress from Levels 1 to 4 within the run period. The virtual run is perfect for the introvert who may want to run solo daily around the neighbourhood or within their own premises (especially if weather proves to be challenging), and for the extrovert who may opt to go the distance with family and friends. Either way, just be sure to maintain the one-metre physical distancing requirement at all times!

To take it up a notch higher, some fun and interactivity has been injected into the month-long event. Aimed at motivating runners to complete the entire run within the stipulated period, it involves a ‘level-up’ gaming experience through which runners can collect achievement badges when they complete significant milestones throughout the run − Level 1 (first 3km), Level 2 (10km mark), Level 3 (20km mark) and Level 4 (40km mark).

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To further enliven the experience, the Coway Run 2020 will include the weekly Sunday Boss Fight rounds from 7am to 11am − offering runners who clock in a minimum of 1km during the allotted time frame the opportunity to vie for attractive weekly prizes.

To participate in the event, interested runners will have to register online at the Coway Run 2020 website before 29 November 2020. Participants are also required to sync their running or fitness app to their VRace by Sportheroes account, a purpose-built platform for virtual running events which allows participants to record the distance covered within the virtual run.

Coway Run 2020 - Early Bird

What is also exciting for runners is that the Coway Run 2020 is not just another virtual fun run. In fact, it is pegged to a notable charitable cause! RM10 from each ticket purchased will be channelled to Coway’s Happy Water Project, which funds initiatives to provide clean water and promote good hygiene practices amongst poor, Orang Asli communities nationwide. This year, more than 300 families are expected to benefit from the five-year project which aims to support the needs of 1,000 Orang Asli families by the end of 2021.

So, while joining Malaysia’s bid to get fitter and healthier, reap the physical and mental benefits from participating in the Coway (Virtual) Run 2020, and explore the opportunity to win more exciting prizes at the event. Burn calories while contributing towards a larger mission to provide access to clean and safe water to one of Malaysia’s greatest treasures!

To sign up for the run, register here: or for more information, visit: Details on the Happy Water Project are available at

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