GoGet And Ikano Centres Create Opportunities For Malaysians

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  • Ikano Centres teams up with GoGet to provide Personal Shopper Services to Malaysians across Klang Valley and Johor Bahru.
  • GoGet launches Shop with GoGet allowing the public to create a gig job for part timers to buy directly from their favourite retailers, bringing more sales to physical stores, and supporting local businesses.
  • Gig workers on GoGet can earn part time by shopping for an order and delivering it to the customer’s doorstep or the designated pick-up points at IPC, MyTOWN or Toppen.

Since the recent Movement Control Order (MCO), GoGet, a community platform for part time help connecting Malaysians to gig workers called “GoGetters” on demand, has seen a surge in new gig workers application and verification.

The platform connects these gig workers to businesses to help sustain business operations with a variety of services including next hour deliveries. GoGet sits in a unique position that can help struggling businesses cut costs with gig workers, and now with Shop with GoGet, the platform can further help boost sales and revenue for the retailers who list on the platform.

Shop with GoGet, is a feature on the GoGet platform which allows retailers to list their storefront digitally on GoGet’s app at no costs and no commission. Users of the app can now book a personal shopper to purchase their favourite products from nearly 400 retail stores whilst keeping safe in this ‘new norm’.

To bring Shop with GoGet to life, GoGet is collaborating with Ikano Centres, part of IKEA Southeast Asia, to make its entire portfolio of shopping centres in Malaysia available through the GoGet app. Customers can select from over 300 stores from IPC and MyTOWN in Kuala Lumpur and Toppen in Johor Bahru, including ordering the iconic meatballs and curry puffs from IKEA Restaurants.

Shop with GoGet is an intuitive service where users can either select ‘Drive Thru’ or ‘Deliver’ options, with the former allowing customers to pick-up their shopping goods from GoGetters at designated pick-up locations within the three centres.

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The service spans across a number of categories including food and beverage, groceries, fashion, pharmacies, electronics, and many more. As part of the introductory offer with Ikano Centres, personal shopper fees are waived for drive thru orders under RM 100. From now until 22 July 2020, users who book Personal Shoppers on GoGet to shop at any Ikano Centres also stand a chance to win RM100 GoGet credits.

Francesca Chia, CEO and co-founder, GoGet

“When we asked our businesses what they really needed during this crisis, many said they need help to get more sales and orders. Ultimately, the businesses on our platform are the driving force behind job creations. This is why we felt that Shop with GoGet will help all parties; our businesses will be able to secure more sales at no extra cost, our users are able to support local businesses with the convenience of a personal shopper and our GoGetters are able to earn a flexible income,” said Francesca Chia, CEO and co-founder.

“While our visitors’ needs will remain the same, with the restrictions these past few months, we know their behaviours and shopping patterns will change. It is important that we anticipate these changes and have the agility to respond and adapt our offerings accordingly, to create the safest and best experiences at our meeting places. We see Shop with GoGet as complementary to the current offerings that we have at our physical centres. It will create additional revenue streams and cash flow for our tenants, by making their stores available to 250,000 users currently on GoGet,” said Arnoud Bakker, Head of Leasing, Ikano Centres.

Shop with GoGet URL: https://app.goget.my/stores.

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