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Peddling Towards A United Malaysia

TOGOPARTS.COM honours Malaysia Day by aiming to complete 57,000km virtual cycling challenge

As we draw closer to Malaysia Day this September 16, over 340 patriotic and high-spirited Malaysians are logging in almost daily for the #TOGOMY57 virtual cycling challenge to commemorate the establishment of the Malaysian federation 57 years ago.

United by a common love for cycling and a vision to celebrate unity and the many achievements of Malaysia this virtual challenge is taking place nationwide, starting in conjunction with Malaysia’s 63rd National Day celebrations and ending on 30th September. Cycling online community are thus inviting all Malaysians from all walks of life to show solidarity and celebrate togetherness.

MENUJU 57 LOGO chief executive officer Evan Lee said “The #TOGOMY57 virtual challenge is open to anyone, regardless of their age, race or background. From the avid cyclist to the amateur or first timer, everyone is welcome to join this exciting virtual challenge extravaganza to share their patriotic spirit”.

“Our goal is to have at least 500 participants to come together and hit the challenge goal of 57,000km by September 30. In just a day our participants have already clocked more than 3,000km”, he added.

Participation for the virtual challenge is free but paid tiers are available should participants want to collect a medal or other custom designed rewards such as an exclusive #TOGOMY57 jersey alongside other exclusive merchandise, virtual badges and a special medal, all be delivered to them personally.

Upon registration in the tracking app, participants are required to clock and record their rides anytime, anywhere during the challenge period and can track their progress and rankings using multiple independent platforms or apps. Once a participant completes their ride, the results are then shared to the app for verification purposes.

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Evan added that in light of the pandemic, virtual sporting events have increased in popularity as participants have the option of greater time flexibility since they can schedule their participation around their preferred timing and lifestyle.

“The virtual challenge is not just limited to indoor cycling, but also caters those who wish to cycle outdoors as well. Those signing up for this challenge can simply choose their own starting line, be it on a stationary bike, a neighbourhood cycling track or hit the open road”.

Evan said that he wants to build a community through the common love of cycling and what better way to do this than by celebrating the concepts of unity and tolerance.


One of the participants of the #TOGOMY57 virtual cycling challenge, Aaron Ho Hun En from Kota Kinabalu said that he was keen to hit the overall goal and would be inviting his friends and family to join in.

“Malaysia Day is a truly special occasion and through virtual challenges such as this we can improve our wellbeing and connect with other Malaysians regardless of who or where they are. To me that is the best way to show our love for Malaysia”.

Interested participants who wish to contribute to the 57,000km goal can register their interest at

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