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7 Super BreakFast Tips That Helps In Weight Loss

Experts say that the people who eat a good breakfast tend to eat less the other times of the day. According to a study, people who miss out on breakfast accumulate more abdominal fat than others. Several other studies also suggest that eating breakfast helps in refraining from weight loss.

If you want to shed off a few pounds, it’s advisable to eat a healthy breakfast. So, make your meals and goals count with these 7 breakfast tips that we have rounded up just for you to help you stay fit and healthy.

1. Include protein:

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Eat food items that are rich in protein in the first meal of the day. It can certainly gratify your hunger and aid in helping you eat healthier food items during the entire day. A study revealed that people who consumed protein felt less hungrier and ate 26 percent lesser calories than others.

Protein helps in releasing a hormone called peptide YY which informs the brain that the stomach is full. So you can include in some healthy recipe which can help you fulfill your protein intake.

2. Don’t forget the eggs:

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A study held in the Rochester Centre of Study in America revealed that the people who ate eggs in the morning consumed about 400 lesser calories than others. Simply eating two eggs can restrict our calorie intake because it makes us feel fuller providing you a sufficient amount of protein too.

Not only does it help in losing weight, but it also helps in improving the cardiovascular health and the functioning of the nervous system.

3. Go for cereals with big flakes:

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You might be surprised about how the size of flakes can affect the calorie intake but that’s true. In a recent study from Penn State, researches squashed the cereals to create four different sizes of flakes. The smaller flakes were denser than the bigger ones which is responsible for the consumption of more calories.

So, if we are choosing bigger flakes, we are actually consuming fewer calories without even noting that. The next time you consume small flakes, make sure that you eat a little less.

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4. Eat a large meal:

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We have heard about the importance of eating breakfast several times, so we should have a large meal. There is no doubt that it means consuming more calories but this is definitely a good idea for weight loss.

Since a person’s metabolism works best in the morning, it is best to eat maximum food during those hours so the food gets metabolised well in the whole day.

5. Have peanut butter and toast:

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One of the tastiest as well as the most healthiest breakfast options is having toast and peanut butter. What’s better than feasting on peanut butter to fend off your cravings for hunger? It also helps to release lesser amounts of sugar.

One of the studies has revealed that the people who consumed peanut butter had higher levels of YY peptide hormone which make us feel fuller thereby helping us to refrain from overeating. Make sure that you don’t eat too much of it as each tablespoon serves about 190 calories.

6. Stalk up on oats:

Go for oatmeal with bigger flakes. It’s exceptionally healthy as well as tasty at the same time. According to a study, people who eat oatmeal have proved to be more satisfied and less hungrier than others.

Though people might want to go for oat bran instead of oatmeal because of the higher nutritional value, there’s nothing better than enjoying a big bowl of spicy and delicious oatmeal!

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7. Eat oat bran:

It’s even better if you eat oat bran instead of oatmeal because it has a great fiber content and has lesser calories compared to the cooked oatmeal. On one hand, oat bran has about 66 calories, oatmeal consists of about 124 calories.

It is also loaded with more nutrients than the oatmeal like phosphorus, zinc, iron, protein and other antioxidants.

Losing weight might sound unachievable and tiring at times but with the right tips it can become much easier. So, something as simple as slight lifestyle change as well as diet change can help us to achieve our goals.

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